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21 Lessons from 7 Episodes of the InSights Podcast

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Wait…Haley Marketing Group has a podcast?

We sure do!

What is InSights?

The Haley Marketing podcast network expanded in January 2019 with the addition of InSights, which features tips and best practices from Haley Marketing’s insiders. Co-hosted by myself and Matt Lozar, with very special appearances by members of Team Haley throughout various segments, InSights shares tools to help staffing and recruiting professionals master social media, digital marketing and employer branding.

How Can You Subscribe?

We understand you have your preferred podcast player and, because of that, make InSights accessible to all listeners across a range of podcast apps. To subscribe, search for Secrets of Staffing Success on your preferred player and you’ll gain access to InSights and the interview portion of our channel hosted by Todd Lewandowski.

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Why Should You Listen to a Staffing Podcast?

Your time is valuable. We get that.

That’s why we created InSights.

Whether you listen on your morning commute, while you run on the treadmill, or while you’re working on that hard to fill job order sitting on your desk, InSights is a 30-minute bi-weekly podcast designed to be hard-hitting and information driven. While we walk through the theory of why you need content marketing, social recruiting and employer branding, the core premise of the show is to share out InSights on what’s working NOW so that you can leverage those tactics in your own day-to-day.

I Listened to an Episode and Have a Question…Now What?

If you have a question on one of the topics we discussed on InSights there are a few ways to get in contact with us. Feel free to choose the option that’s most convenient for you.

Tweet @HaleyMarketing

Message @BradBialy on LinkedIn

Message @MattLozar on LinkedIn

Contact us on HaleyMarketing.com

A Self-Serving Ask…

If you’ve found value in the show please take 1-2 minutes to leave us a review on your favorite podcast player. We’d love to know what you’re thinking and reviews are a great way to let us know we’re providing the right InSights to help you navigate your content marketing and social recruiting initiatives.

21 Lessons from 7 Episodes of the InSights Podcast

To Recap Q1 of 2019, I put together the following master list of episodes and segments along with a quick takeaway from each.

To listen to the episode, you can click the title, click play on the Podbean player on this page, or navigate to your preferred podcast player.


How to Create a Content Plan for 2019

My Takeaway: Before putting together a content plan for 2019, think about the overall goal you’re trying to achieve because of your content. Are you looking to generate more applications? More job orders? Once you know your goal and your why, outline the common questions asked by the target audience of each. What common questions for applicants have? What keeps your current and prospective clients up at night?

The Impact of Facebook Jobs on Social Recruiting

My Takeaway: Facebook jobs is working right now. In an everchanging social recruiting landscape we need to lean into what’s working and capitalize on it.

Related Case Study: Smart Social Strategy Exponentially Increases Job Reach and Applications

Which Job Aggregator Provides the Most Value?

My Takeaway: It depends. And while that’s not a great answer it is, in my opinion, the right one. You need to look at the volume of applications, quality of applications and most importantly cost per application from each job aggregator to understand which provides the most value for you specifically.


The Keys to Writing a Successful Blog Post Headline

My Takeaway: Speak to your audience and their emotions! When creating your blog post headline workshop various ideas and think consciously to yourself, “Who am I targeting with this article? If I was in their shoes would I click to read more?”

Why Every Post Needs a Purpose on Social Media

My Takeaway: Social media is getting noisier by the day. Before clicking publish on social media, clearly identify your why. What purpose does that post serve and how does it fit in with your overall business goals? By making sure every post has a purpose and identifying your why, you’ll be able to implement a top-notch social recruiting campaign built to generate more applications and job orders.

The Value of Facebook Groups in Driving Jobs Applications

My Takeaway: Organic reach on Facebook continues to decline. By joining local and industry-specific Facebook groups we can take our message to the audience who needs it most. Join the group, become a part of the community and provide value. Don’t join just to use the group like a megaphone shouting available job after job after job.

Supporting Article: Navigating Your Social Recruiting on Facebook in 2019 Part 2 – Facebook Groups


The Keys to Defining Your Target Audience

My Takeaway: So you want to create content. Before you sit down and type your first blog article, think about the target audience that will find value in the post you’re putting together. If that’s a candidate-centric audience think about what keeps them up at night. The stresses of finding your next career opportunity are drastically different if you’re a Warehouse Associate compared to a Physician. Because of this, your content should be unique for that audience!

How to Gather and Respond to Online Reviews

My Takeaway: 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. If asked, approximately 71 percent of consumers will leave a review for a business. Want to start gathering online reviews? The best strategy is to actively ask for them!

The Importance of Calls to Action on Your Career Site

My Takeaway: Want to convert casual blog readers or website visitors into applicants? Direct and specific calls to action on your website help funnel individuals from one page on your site to another key conversion page. Just like every post on social media needs a purpose, every page on your website should have a specific purpose. When thinking through the flow of your website, where should an individual go next?


Content Variety (Creating Content Like the Daily News)

My Takeaway: Some people read the morning newspaper. Some get their news from Twitter when they wake up. Others watch the evening news or listen to local radio on their morning commute. When putting together content for potential job seekers or clients think remember you’re creating for people who are busy. Cast a content spiderweb of various content forms to attract the largest audience.

Social Recruiting Tactics that are Working Right Now

My Takeaway: Facebook Groups. Facebook Jobs. Joining the Conversation on Twitter. LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Video.

SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report

My Takeaway: What differentiates “A” companies from Ds or Fs? 76% of the top organizations have career sites that are optimized for Google for Jobs. 80 percent of the Fortune 500 that have a chatbot on their career site scored an A.

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Why Should Your Content Feature Your Team

My Takeaway: To increase shares, likes, comments and overall engagement with social posts, put the social back in social media and showcase your team! Everyone likes to see themselves on social media and showcasing your team in your social posts is a great way to get them involved with your social recruiting mix.

How to Hack Social Engagement

My Takeaway: Post jobs to your company Facebook page and then share that post into local groups!

Our Takeaway from Exec Forum

My Takeaway: 60 percent of candidates say the biggest thing that can be done to improve the hiring process is increased transparency and communication. Don’t leave candidates in a black hole waiting on next steps! Instead, nurture them through the hiring process and let them know what’s going on behind the scenes to keep them engaged.


How Can You Write Great Job Descriptions?

My Takeaway: 🗣 Include Salary!

Rapid Fire Best Places to Share Your Jobs on Social Meda

My Takeaway: Facebook Groups. LinkedIn Groups. Facebook Jobs. This was my most enjoyable segment of the first quarter. Matt and I go back and forth with our best places to share jobs on social media, providing over 20 tactics to help you generate more applications today.

Recent Haley Marketing Job Board Advances

My Takeaway: When was the last time you actively tried to apply for a job on your own website? Do you know what the process is like for candidates on desktop, a tablet and mobile device? At what point in the process is there a bottleneck or frustration? Recent Haley Marketing job board advances allow candidates to apply with 1 click making the application process efficient and effective on any device.


How to Optimize Your Content for Search

My Takeaway: Start by looking on Google for the topic or question you’re looking to write about. Look at the top 2-3 search results around this topic. If you want to compete in organic search you NEED to provide the best answer to the question you’re writing about. The best SEO starts by first being the best resource on a given topic.

Maximizing Instagram for Staffing

My Takeaway: Instagram can be incredibly effective in 2019.  Start by posting pictures of your team and showcasing your personality. Bonus Tip: Include 7-10 hashtags with every post for increased discoverability.

Advertising on Facebook Jobs is Changing. What You Need to Know

My Takeaway: I’m going to leave this to the official statement from Facebook. Report: Doing More to Protect Against Discrimination in Housing, Employment and Credit Advertising


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