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Case Studies

Application Process Too Long? This Creative Solution Created An Exponential Increase In LI Apps

Automated Job Title Testing TRIPLES CNA Applications!

85 More Skilled Trades Professionals Recruited…in the First Month!

Using Cost per Application Data to Drive 467 More Applications

Fresh Banner Stand Design Grabs Attention at Trade Show

Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple with a Fresh Website

Need More “Likes” On Social Media? Social Pro Has The Solution

Standing Out on Facebook to Recruit Standout Construction Workers: Re-Recruiting and Social Recruiting in Action

Staffing Firm Sees 82% Increase in Job Applications!

Bold, Feature-Rich Website Wins ASA Genius Grand Prize

Improve Post-Interview Communication and Deliver a Better Candidate Experience? Challenge Accepted ✅

Award-Winning Website Increases Job Board Traffic by 771%