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What Does Social Sharing Accomplish?

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Does your company use social media? Are you performing any kind of social sharing? If not, start. Now. If you are, are you using it correctly?

Owning and operating a staffing or recruiting firm is very different from owning a bike shop or bakery. So why would you use social media the same way?

Here are a few quick links to help you use social media to your staffing firm’s fullest benefit. Click here to read articles on how staffing firms should use:

Social Media
LinkedIn (Part I)
LinkedIn (Part II)

Need proof?

Here are stats from three separate companies that are currently using Haley Marketing’s Social Pro service. Check out the amazing results they’ve seen through social sharing within their first year.

What Does Social Sharing Accomplish-Graph

Want to see these incredible results at your company? What are you waiting for!? Click to read more about our Social Pro service, or contact our marketing education specialists at [email protected] to learn how your firm can reap the benefits of a solid social media strategy.


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